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  • Mai Po Marshes birding, Hong Kong

    Experience Hong Kong’s internationally renowned Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve, winter home and migration stopover for tens of thousands of wetland birds If you would like a private birdwatching experience at Hong Kong’s Mai Po Marshes nature reserve, consider booking the Mai Po Wetland Experience, with Martin Williams or another experienced Hong Kong birding guide.…

  • Pink dolphins welcome you to their home in Hong Kong!

    Hong Kong’s bubblegum-pink dolphins (Sousa chinensis) live right next to an airport, a power plant, highrise buildings and factories. They are threatened by the changes brought about by Hong Kong’s rapid economic development. Come and see these beautiful dolphins for an unforgettable experience and learn more about the threats they are facing.http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/CL_xK2c5Zqg?modestbranding=0&html5=1&rel=1&autoplay=0&wmode=opaque&loop=0&controls=1&autohide=0&showinfo=0&theme=dark&color=red&enablejsapi=0 The wild pink…

  • Exploring Wild Hong Kong with School Group

    Here’s info on an outdoor week I led for a group from a local school. This was aimed at giving schoolchildren experience of broad range of places in wilder parts of Hong Kong, spanning variety of places such as wetlands, woodland, hills, ravines, and coastlines. We aimed to see a mix of local wildlife, with "star" species…

  • About Hong Kong Ecotours

    Hong Kong has much to offer, with spectacular scenery, fascinating wildlife, great hiking trails, and gorgeous stretches of coastline. Plus, there are experienced, passionate people who can help you get the most out of a foray into the wilder areas of Hong Kong – birdwatching, hiking, taking photos, and more.

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