Kayak and Hike

Kayak and Hike is a Hong Kong company who decided a few years ago that "The Otherside of Hong Kong" was not on the map! They started working to promote the green country parks, which make up nearly 70% of the total area of H.K. 1,090 sq km.

Now natural excursion ideals are providing a full range of outdoor adventure activities, focusing on corporate events and outings for individuals and small groups based in Hong kong. You can explore these special and remote parts by kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, powerboating and helicopter rides.


On water - Kayak & Coral Explorer - Kayaking A thrilling day out exploring the scenic and stunning geology of the outer islands in Sai Kung.

Kayaking, Snorkelling, and relaxing away from the city in clean clear water. Fully equipped and supported with instructor and fast pursuit craft. All safety equipment, instruction, lunch and snacks provided.

Sai Kung Power Boat Ride - Thrilling fun ride in nature Blast out to the remote waters and island of the Sai Kung coast. This is a very unique trip as you speed out in a former Marine Police fast pursuit craft used in their anti-smuggling operations. Visit the islands sea caves and sea arches, snorkel over protected coral reefs. All safety equipment, lunch and snacks provided.

On Land - Enchanting Escapes - Hiking Tai Long Wan - Sai Kung East Country Park One of the best and most dramatic hikes in H.K. Ferry ride to remote village, ridgeline hike, then up tp Sharp Peak 468m for amazing 360* views without sky scrapers. Look across Mirs Bay to China. 5 brilliant white beaches to swim in which are only accessible on foot or by boat. Great village food and short sampan ride back to the start.
Ma On Shan - Sai Kung West country Park From the Sai Kung town waterfront wind up through villages, Taoist cemetarys, into wooded trails and grassland slopes. Hike up Pyramid Peak 536m as a warm up to the 702 metre peak of Ma On Shan. Up here you will appreciate the complex and stunning topography that Hong Kong has to offer.
Wu Kau Tang - Plover Cove Country Park, N.E. New Territories This is the flatest hike of the three following the ancient paths around the coastline were geology dates back to the Devonion period some 400 million years. Explore abandoned villages and communes and view into mainland China. This part of HK is like Sai Kung, in that it is the last green area where one can escape, where developers need to be kept out !

Mountain Biking Introduction / Training - Hoi Ha in the Sai Kung North Country Park provides a great place to learn the basics of MTB's. Starting with an easy single track path through the quiet paddy fields we work to a single track offroad section which winds to a gravel fire road circuit. This is a fantastic area to cycle and take in the stunning views over the Hoi Ha Marine Park and the bays and headlands of main land China. Experienced / Training - We drive almost to the center of HK, on the map not HK island. Starting at 500m Tai Mo Shan MTB trail is one of the best rides in HK. Great for downhillers and cross country riders a like. It is mostly single track riding through a heavily wooded area with big drops to the sides. A thrilling day out !

Transportation* & lunch included on all trips * subject to group bookings and sizes Contact Paul Etherington - E-mail - paul@kayak-and-hike.com Web site - www.kayak-and-hike.com

Tel - 852- 9300 5197

Within 2 hours you will be among peaks, valleys, beaches, coves and coral. Volcanic formations, arches, remote isolated islands, temples and fishing villages. Paddle through cathedral like caves, body surf remote beaches, hike, mountain bike wooded trails and ridges, climb all our 32 peaks of over 500 metres. Escape from the city, take a trip; no matter how long you have lived in Hong Kong, we promise you will be surprised and very impressed.

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