Highlights of Hong Kong birding and scenic tours, winter 2003-04

Till its demise at the end of March this year (2004), FirstStep Nature Tours was one of few eco-tour companies in Hong Kong. Mainly ran tours to Mai Po Marshes, with an emphasis on birds; but also birding tours to other locations, as well as some hikes, and scenery tours.

I was the chairman - and eventually also secretary, manager, bookings clerk and main guide.

To help show what can be done and seen during an eco-tour in Hong Kong, here are highlights of tours from autumn 2003 to the end of March 2004.

Mai Po Marshes, 29 March 2004

Wildlife Watching: 

Mai Po Marshes birding, Hong Kong

Experience Hong Kong's internationally renowned Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve, winter home and migration stopover for tens of thousands of wetland birds

mai po cormorants

If you would like a private birdwatching experience at Hong Kong's Mai Po Marshes nature reserve, consider booking the Mai Po Wetland Experience, with Martin Williams or another experienced Hong Kong birding guide.

Here's an introduction to Ma Po, from a film on HK nature tourism I co-produced, Explore Wild Hong Kong!:

Wildlife Watching: